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    Twin Cities Tennis League is a summer outdoor league organized to provide fun and recreation for players of all levels and to meet others who share interest in the great sport of tennis.......
    The league is supported by the USTA and the 2019 summer season has 70 players in either singles or doubles play. Mens singles matches were divided into East and West Division. All the other schedules were based on self-rated levels. When registering for mens singles, check either East or West Division and you will be placed into that division for scheduling. The level of each player and team is determined by their previous year's results and the self-rating that players listed on their entry form.
    Entry into mens singles, womens singles, and mixed doubles closes on May 21st.
    The league is open to all players 18 years or older in the Twin Cities metro area. For more information on the 2019 Tennis League or to print out a registration form, click the registration link in the menu. Payment is accepted by check or thru paypal to Registration deadline is May 21st.
    Check out other useful menu links to find court locations to play your matches and rules for both singles and doubles play.
    For beginners looking for lessons, the Twin Cities Tennis League has instructors available upon request.
    The 2019 season will start on June 1st and end on September 16th. Updated standings will be mailed every 2 to 3 weeks. Scores must be reported by September 16th for the final standings. Final standings will be mailed on September 17th or 18th and updated on the website the following week. A gift certificate from Michael Lynne's Tennis Shop will be awarded to the top two teams in doubles events and the top two players in singles events. If you have any questions, please send email to or call 612-298-6801.

    Contact Information
    League Name: Twin Cities Tennis
    Telephone: 612-298-6801
    Updated: 04/11/20